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Public Eye have now joined forces with Forge Creative, a well established design and web development agency.

Our bigger team now includes full stack web developers, SEO digital experts, copywriters (and some more designers). So now you can access all the skills you need for a complete design and marketing solution.

Our business name will change (to Forge). Our location has changed (to Dominion Road). The people are the same (there’s just a few new ones as well).

Otherwise it’s business as usual, but only better!


Let's amplifyyour brand.


A strong brand shows the world who you are and what you’re here for – it’s the face of your company. We’ll make yours beautiful, punchy and memorable to attract new customers and develop a deeper connection with your cause, product or service.


We get to know your brand then get to work on great ideas that deliver your message and get a reaction – a wink, smile, phone call, click, purchase or change of direction. Memorable creative stands out, speaks volumes and reveals more about your brand.


Publiceye design, develop and host websites that deliver a great user experience through engaging design, best practice and behaviours. Our considerations span site-speed, green lights, mobile first, reliable and secure hosting that future proofs your investment.


The magic, the grunt work, the convergence of strategy, branding and message. We paint it with our toolkit of images, colour, fonts adding attitude, style and psychological cues to divert eyes and sway minds. It’s all in the details and our design has it in spades.


Developing a unified voice, values and vibe that makes your target audience react is the first step in forging your path to get ahead of your competition. Your brand strategy is at the heart of your marketing decisions. Brands without strategy can become diluted and fragmented.


While weighting continues to lean further to online and digital formats, print design is still an essential. Signage, brochures, books, exhibitions, posters, point-of-sale, packaging, clothing and beyond. We partner with specialist printers to get your job delivered on budget.


Making your brand, product or event known to your audience requires equal measures of creative, context, eye-catching design and smart placement to deliver information at the right place and time. Memorable ads with clear calls to action get results and increase leads.


We have a few tricks up our sleeve and our fingers are on the pulse – so if you’re thinking you need to do something but aren’t quite sure just what that something is, let’s talk. We’ll present an idea or platform to give you the edge, reach your goal or make change happen.


Twenty yearsyoung.

Publiceye is a nimble and dynamic agency located in Ponsonby. With a team of strategists, creatives, designers, and developers, the agency works with a diverse range of local, national, and international businesses.

Founded in 2001 by Jeremy Barron, Publiceye has spent over two decades cultivating strong partnerships with clients and gaining industry insights to deliver positive results. If you’re looking to propel your business forward, let’s start a conversation.